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Question, which Disney film do you think was Alan Menken's best work?

1. The Little Mermaid (w. Howard Ashman)
2. Beauty and the Beast (w. Howard Ashman)
3. Aladdin (w. Howard Ashman/Tim Rice)
4. Pocahontas (w. Stephen Schwartz)
5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (w. Stephen Schwartz)
6. Hercules (w. David Zippel)
7. Home On The Range (w. Glenn Slater)
8. Enchanted (w. Stephen Schwartz)
9. Tangled (w. Glenn Slater)
I've heard the sad news yesterday that Gene Wilder has passed away. When it comes to performances, everyone has their favorite. For me, it was definitely Dr. Frankenstein from Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. Below is a clip of one of my favorite scenes. He's also one of my biggest influences in voice acting, despite never doing a voiceover role. R.I.P. Gene Wilder, we'll never forget you.
Am I the only one who would LOVE to see a collab of Alan Menken and Danny Elfman?


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Mrs. Brisby fan (stamp) by ShinyWhiteWaters
Bugs Bunny Stamp by pEnELoPe3six
Sylvester Cat Stamp by pEnELoPe3six
Tweety Bird Stamp by pEnELoPe3six
Anti Trixie Stamp by lady-warrior
I Like The NEW Lola -Stamp- by Stitchlovergirl96
Request - Spyro 1 Stamp by RadSpyro
Hello everybody! I'm back! With the Tweety/Sylvester shorts on the way (There are a LOT of shorts, believe me). I decided to make another list, this time insisting of bad episodes from good cartoons. But first, I should point out, I'm only including one episode from a cartoon, I won't be including numerous ones from one because it wouldn't be fair. Now with that said, let's get started!

10. Ubergloom (Ruby Gloom)
Now, let me say right now that I love this show. It has gothic and creative artwork, the writing was great and the characters are all lovable and memorable. But as I sadly learn, every show has to have at least one dud. And unfortunately, this is the one. It’s about two German siblings, Gunther and Uta, as they stay at the home of Ruby and her friends. And that’s all I think I should say on the synopsis. Now for the big problem with the short, this whole episode seems to focus on one joke; It’s funny because they’re German! Gunther and Uta are portrayed as so stereotypically German, it’s not even funny. Even the designs look unsettling. They also put in that they’re afraid of anything and don’t know what slang is. There’s also a scene where they actually lock Ruby and her friends in the crypt, but they have no clue that they’re trying to get rid of them! So, bottom-line, it’s cringe-worthy and not worth another watching.

 9. Dumped (SpongeBob Squarepants)
Before you guys say anything, yes, this is the only episode from SpongeBob Squarepants that I’m including. I’m focusing more on the first three seasons, mostly because a lot of fans see the first three seasons and the later seasons as two different series. Which is why I won’t be including Lisa Goes Gaga from The Simpsons (Though don’t worry, that episode will get a good bashing someday, He-he-he) And this may be my least favorite of them. It’s when Gary starts paying more attention to Patrick more, and instead of wondering why, Patrick is cool with it, not even caring how lonely SpongeBob, his best friend is. And even when SpongeBob tries to make his home look even better for Gary, Patrick says that incredibly cold line, “How pathetic.” And we find out the reason why Gary was following Patrick is because he had a cookie in his pocket. Yeah, it took almost four days to get the cookie. Nothing else to say here, next! 

 8. Tonsil Trouble (South Park)
In this episode, Cartman gets his tonsils out, but the doctors accidentally infect him with AIDS. While everyone is concerned and shocked by this news, this is great for Kyle who takes joy in laughing at Cartman’s suffering. Enraged, Cartman infects Kyle with it and Kyle is furious. Cartman promises to cure Kyle (Mostly because Kyle was close to breaking his Xbox) and they seek out Magic Johnson. The biggest problem with this episode is Kyle. While Cartman is a douchebag, laughing at somebody who has AIDS is beyond cruel. Nobody deserves to get a disease like that. And on top of that, once Kyle gets AIDS, he has the nerve to say to Cartman that AIDS isn’t funny, even though he was CLEARLY making fun of Cartman earlier for that. Look, I’m not saying Cartman was in the right to infect Kyle, but this switch around Kyle has makes him look really shallow and hypocritical. And the absolute WORST part of it? Once they actually do find the cure for AIDS, and save pretty much half of the entire planet, Kyle says he’s still going to break Cartman’s Xbox.

 7. Crazy Over Daisy (Donald Duck)
In this short, Donald is on his way to spend time with his girlfriend, Daisy. But this gets the attention of Chip and Dale, who decide to torment him for no reason. Now, in a usual Donald Duck/Chip and Dale short, Donald would either do something hazardous to them like cut down their tree or just pick on them, or Chip and Dale would try to get some food from Donald because they’re hungry. But here, Chip and Dale are teasing Donald and trying to ruin his day for again, no reason. On top of that, they make Donald look like the bad guy in front of Daisy and she dumps him on the spot. Oh, and Chip and Dale steal the chocolates he bought for Daisy.

 6. Elmer’s Candid Camera (Looney Tunes)
Interesting fact, this is Elmer Fudd’s first appearance, and boy did this leave a bad impression. In this Chuck Jones short, Elmer decides to photograph wildlife and he soon meets a rabbit who decides to harass him. What’s interesting is that the rabbit here isn’t Bugs Bunny, he’s a prototype called Happy Rabbit, and most of his personality would go into Woody Woodpecker (Who’s creator also created Happy Rabbit). And here, Happy has no reason to torment Elmer. In the Bugs Bunny shorts, it made sense because Elmer was trying to SHOOT Bugs, and Bugs was trying to stay alive! Here, Elmer is just taking pictures of wildlife. Until Elmer is driven crazy, he accidentally falls into the river and almost drowns. Now, Happy does go to save him, but once he checks that he’s alright, he KICKS him back in! This short has been loathed by many fans, and nobody could agree with them more then Chuck himself. He once said; “Perhaps the kindest thing to say about Elmer’s Candid Camera is that it taught everyone what not to do and how not to do it."

5. Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius (The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)
I’m going to be comparing this episode to I’m With Stupid because it does have a similar premise. In this episode, Carl’s pen pal from Sweden (By the way, Swedish stereotype) is visiting him and Carl tells Jimmy she’s been lying to her, saying he’s a genius and that Jimmy is his ‘dim-witted assistant’. Now, in I’m With Stupid, Patrick’s parents are visiting, but he’s afraid they think he’s dumb, and it’s SpongeBob’s idea to act like a dummy. But in this episode, Carl already lied and said a lot or horrible things about Jimmy without even telling him! Oh, but it gets better! When Carl screws up one of Jimmy’s inventions, leaving Jimmy to save them, he blames Jimmy for it and insults him to the lowest degree. Now, with I’m With Stupid, you could almost make the argument Patrick didn’t know SpongeBob stopped faking because, well he is stupid. And also, the jokes in that episode, including ’the note and letter’ gag were really funny. But here, Carl knows Jimmy is upset, yet doesn’t hold back anything by insulting and making fun of him, and none of it is funny. But it turns out that Elkie is just as a big fake as Carl, and they go off happily with each other, and Carl has no regret for humiliating Jimmy.

4. Mime For A Change (The Powerpuff Girls)
Not only is this one bad, but it’s also bizarre. In this episode, Rainbow the Clown gets bleached and turns into a villain known as Mr. Mime, a silent villain that turns everything black and white and mute. First of all, what’s in that bleach? If it got touched by Chemical X, I can excuse it, but it just feels random and out of nowhere. And then to restore everything, the Girls bring color back by…music…? And the song is called ‘Love Makes The World Go Round’. And once Rainbow is back, they show that love makes the world go round by BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! You know, it wasn’t Rainbow’s fault his personality got changed, that was an entirely different personality causing trouble that he probably didn’t know he was doing!
3. Magic Duel (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
I’m sure you all knew this one was coming. I’ve talked about this one numerous times, as well as with a fun crossover with :iconantiapc:, so I’ll sum my problems with it quickly here. The story was horribly put together, the characters were unlikable and stupid and the humor is some of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. Now with that out, let’s move on.

2. Baby Puss (Tom and Jerry)
Let me make one thing clear, I don’t hate Tom and Jerry. I think it can be really funny, but not all of their shorts are perfect. And this may be my least favorite one of all. In this short, Tom is being abused by a little girl and treated like a baby. Wow, uncomfortable cringing already! And once the girl leaves, Jerry takes every opportunity to have Tom get the worse treatment possible, even taking great joy in having a couple of other cats break in and abuse Tom. Now with other shorts, Tom would chase Jerry or flat out abuse him, and it was satisfying seeing Tom get his comeuppance. But here, Tom did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to Jerry, and Jerry appears as a huge douchebag for abusing Tom for NO REASON.

1. It’s A Wishful Life (The Fairly Oddparents)
Wow…just…wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It starts with Timmy Turner trying to do a lot of nice things for people, just to be nice. But nobody appreciates his work and treats him like crap. Fed up with it, Timmy wishes he was never born. However, instead of making people’s lives worse, it turns out that never being born made every life of everyone he knew better. Throughout the episode, he’s guided by Jorgen Von Strangle, who also takes great joy in seeing Timmy watching all the lives he made better. And what is the point of this episode? To teach Timmy that he shouldn’t be seeking praise from people for doing nice things. Yet, that is clearly not what Timmy was doing, he was doing things from the kindness of his heart, and yet he still gets treated like crap for it. Oh, and there’s a dimension of kids who improved the world by wishing they were never born, and it looks like Heck. This episode was so hated that even the creator, Butch Hartman had to apologize for this episode’s existence.

Well, that’s all I got here! The Tweety/Sylvester shorts will be up soon!

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